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Welcome discerning nerds, film buffs, bibliophiles, gamers, boob tube addicts, comic fans, collectors of the obscure and the absurd to Words About Stuff!


I am your cordial host, The Devil You Know, and your guide to the manic manias that are my interests and passions. As a polymath and a lexophile, my tastes and interests range hither and yon.

I  have worked many jobs, had many careers, read many books, and talked to people of all ages everywhere I go. I have painted, drawn, sculpted, written, designed and built computers, coded, attended cooking school, designed databases, watched thousands of hours of film and TV, fought polluters, listened to hundreds of albums, played computer games for over twenty years, collected stamps (Yay for philately),designed work for advocacy campaigns,



I/ cut my PnP RPG teeth on the white box in 1975, read comic books and comic newspaper strips (Terry and the Pirates anyone?), 

  closed down a few bars and kissed a few women.

But I’m not done yet. I am learning to play guitar and sing.  I am putting together a band to record some, blues, country, rock and maybe some trad Jazz. I am working as a community activists and as general  go to guy for a non-profit. If I can fit it in, I want to learn, Spanish, Japanese and Latin.  Oh yeah and build a 3 foot scale model of the Titanic and finish editing a documentary that I have been filming.






Am I the most interesting man in the world? No, that Dos XX guy is. But I do my best. Plus, I have amazing friends who know things I don’t and are willing to share!

My friends and I will be using this website to talk about the cool and interesting things that we have seen, heard, tasted and read.  So explore and peruse, maybe you will see something I got wrong, maybe you have better story or maybe you can steer me to some new delight or wonder!

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